I've been playing around with pam_ldap and nss_ldap on my server in an
attempt to replace NIS with something more flexible (i.e. that can have
Linux and Windows clients, distribute other data, etc.) but I keep
getting stuck.

  I can login fine (which shows that pam_ldap and nss_ldap are working),
I have passwd: ldap files, group: ldap files in my nsswitch.conf file.
However, if I do ls -ld /home the uids/gids don't get resolved to real
names:  they get left as 4001, 4002, etc.  I've read some stuff on
Google Groups about ls not being statically linked and therefore not
being able to do this.  Fine.  However, on one machines I can do ``id
lewiz'', which won't work on another (with an identical setup).  Why?
Last thing seems to be that cvsweb also doesn't recognize that I am
lewiz, it lists me as uid4001 (I notice it's a cgi-bin script, could it
be because it's using statically linked binaries to get the file

  Thanks very much!


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