"Jack L. Stone" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Running FBSD-4.8 Release
> "Random panic & reboot" - cause locking against myself..... appears related
> to "lockmgr."
> I had asked the list about this a few weeks ago, but had no takers.
> Previously, all I could find via google was about "lockmgr", but any
> discussions was about "code" which is way beyond my skills. References were
> made to "stale mounts", but there are none in this case.
> I'm having the problem on a mail server that incurs the panic following an
> attempt at an ssh login. It happens about once a week or so, but no pattern.
> It's not hardware. Have changed everything, including the server itself --
> bit, not the system contents though which remained on a new hard drive
> replacement.
> If anyone knows what causes this and what the fix may be, I could sure use
> the help. This has been going on for several months and not a good thing.

Tracking this down will need more information; it's definitely not a
widespread problem.  I'd recommend starting by describing the full
configuration of the system.  Then you'll probably need to get a crash
dump and look at the traceback, as described in the handbook.
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