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> I don't question the relevance of the site - as I said, I love it, I used 
> it, it's great! I just wonder if it could be deemed as Spam or not. The 
> point that I'm making - is it considered Spam as defined to what Spam is. If 
> we start to stray from the point of the post - things get clouded. 
> As I quote a line from "Star Wars -- Stay on target, stay on target"

As someone else stated too in a previous answer, I find these post useful.

I don't consider it spam, since it's relevant: we are discussing FreeBSD and this is a 
site that deals with FreeBSD. I
don't recall wether they also asked for permission in the beginning; maybe they did 
while I still wasn't there.

Anyway, the point wether this is spam or not is an useless one to me. I don't want to 
prevent you from discussing that,
but I'd like this posts to remain.

Just MHO.


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