Before I jump into something new, could I get some thoughts from
someone who's done this kinda thing before in FreeBSD?

I need at least 6 terabytes to be available all at once, NOT online
but just as backup file storage.  But file storage that needs to
be available internally and easily to anyone in the office.

So I thought the best way would be to have:

- 6 boxes each with 8 200gig drives in RAID5   (1.2T each)
each of them cross-connected to...
- 1 box as the hub.

The hub box would use NFS to mount each of the 6 boxes as if they
were on the local filesystem.

The hub box would be the only one directly connected to our office.
The 6 boxes would only be connected to the hub.

Any downside to doing this?  Does NFS freak at a certain size?
Is there a better way?


(We're doing audio archiving of > 50,000 CDs.  Yes, legal.)

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