Kris Kennaway writes:
>As others have explained, just install the port and everything will be
>taken care of automatically.  However, I recommend using bogofilter
>instead of spamprobe; the latter has VERY high resource demands, and
>takes a long time to process messages.  bogofilter uses similar
>techniques, but without the resource bloat.  Once you get it trained
>up, it works very well on personal email accounts (it catches over 95%
>of my spam).
        My thanks to all.  I got a bit behind on the replies and will
give bogofilter a try.  I don't care so much which program I run as
long as it can be trained to safely recognize most of the spam.  The
admonitions to always check the work of one's filter are well taken. I
have a folder which is really like all the others except that it is
called "spam" and I simply look at the subjects each day to make sure
a valid message or someone's complaint message about spam hasn't
mistakenly been dumped there.

Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK 
OSU Information Technology Division Network Operations Group
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