liquid wrote:

What sound isn't working? Just xmms? Or have you tried using something
like noatun - which comes with KDE 3.1

When you run the sound "daemon" for system sounds and such on KDE, it
interferes with xmms, and as a result xmms doesn't work.  You have to
turn that off in order to use xmms.  Usually its as easy as looking for
something like arts in ps -x

I get a beep when I backspace while at column 1 at the console, but not within a console window inside KDE. Also, I've read just recently that KDE "chimes" when it starts - I don't get that either.

zinf does not give me any sound running at the root
console (nor inside KDE), btw.

The KDE shell tells me it is for version 3.1.0, but
typing in "noatun" is not a command.  Where/what is

I just discovered that the system bell works, and I can
change it's pitch.  fwiw.

arts, is set, via the sound system module, to let go
of the sound card after 60 seconds, which pop-up message
I see.  xmms does not work either before or afterwards.
Killing artsd does not allow xmms to work either.

There's also an error message (two actually) at KDE/artsd
start-up that it cannot set real-time priority for the
sound.  Is this a problem?



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