On 21 Jul dick hoogendijk wrote:
> Whenever I use LyX with dutch settings and babel and want to call the
> spellchecker (ispell) I get an error like "can't find a file for
> language NL" or something like that. It seems that at least LyX knows
> it needs to work w/ dutch ;-)) I can't solve the spellchecking though.
> I made a symlink from nederlands.hash to nl.hash and dutch.hash but
> that did nothing good.

The link (dutch.hash) itself was necessary after all.
The problem was that I had compiled LyX for ispell _and_ aspell support.
I could choose between them, but LyX tried *in both cases* to use the NL
dictionary. So, even if I chose to use ispell, it searched (and probably
started) aspell "nl" Must be a bug in LyX. I recompiled LyX for ispell
solely and all problems were gone.

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