At 03:52 PM 7/21/2003, Matthew Bettinger wrote:
On Monday 21 July 2003 02:02 pm, Mike Maltese wrote:

 >I am running a DDS2 tape drive and trying to backup around 12GB.
> The tape runs to the end, issues the end of tape, and then dump
>fails. I would like to be able to change the tape and get a backup.

I use bacula for my home lan and fbackup on hpux.

bacula uses a mysql database to keep track of your tapes (which I
thought was very cool)

Thanks to all who addressed my question. Further study showed, obviously, there is no way to let dump be interactive from cron, regardless of switches.

So, I shall research bacula, amanda, screen, and tar, and to get going immediately, I'll run a manual 0 level dump and then cron for level 1 for a bit. I do have a couple of BIG files which will not be updating, so once on tape, they will be fine.

Again thanks to all for the help and suggestions.

Great email list.

-- Bob

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