Hi all , I've just installed FreeBSD 4.8 .

I've configured a PPPoE connection , and I've
installed Mozilla for browsing internet , but it takes
very long time in resolving Host names. 
For example , if I open mozilla and I try to go to
"www.google.com" it writes : "Resolving host
www.google.com ......" And remains in this state for
2-3 minutes (very long time) , then it opens the
requested page , and all the pages provided by the
same Host opens quick as normal , but if I change host
(for example www.yahoo.com) the problem comes again.
I've tried with galeon too , and with mozilla 1.2 ,
but nothing changes. Links , Lynx, and Opera for Linux
works correctly (and now I'm writing from Opera ) ,
why Mozilla doesn't ? What can be the motivation ?



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