On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, Tony Sterrett wrote:

>       I'm trying to configure both a master and slave DNS on the same
> machine. My approach is to run the master by setting named_enable="YES"
> and it will use the config file in /etc/named. To start the slave I
> will In rc.local and it would use the config files in /etc/named/slave.
> Does this seems ok? Is there a better way.

Hi Tony,

        Why bother? There certainly is not much, if anything at all, to
be gained by running two separate installations of Bind on one box. One
installation will handle both primary and secondary zones and maintenance
will be easier. If you are going to be running both primary and secondary
for the same zones on one box just have Bind listen on two IP addresses.
If, on the other hand, if you are going to be doing primary for some zones
and secondary for other zones you can do both on Bind without any trouble
at all. Two separate installations won't do much more than make
maintenance more difficult than its to be.

        Best Regards,


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