I have a notebook Satellite 3000-214, and now I want to install the
freeBSD SO, together with windows XP that came with my notebook. I made a
partition to install the new SO, and I with the FreeBSD install program I made
the swap and FS partitions. I manage to install the system, but the graphic mode
doesn't work anyway! I tryed all, but I didn't manage put it in work! even the
mouse (USB - a thing that I thought that could be difficult to set in this
system...) works in text mode... I tryed to setup in the sysinstall the
XF86Config, and after in text mode with the vi. I think that the problem is with
the is the configuration of the monitor, in the horizsync and vertRefresh
parameters.... I tryed many confs that I found in the internet... h: 31,5- 62;
v: 30-50 ... and many other combinations... but it doesn't work! When I try
"startx", apper in the many thin vertical shining color lines on the monitor.
Could you give a help?

Thank you, Edison Pignaton de Freitas.

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