Hello I have a remote machine running FreeBSD 4.8 that runs my internet 
radio station (http://www.itsallgoodradio.com) and it has gone wacky.  It 
will be several hours before anyone can get to it to reboot it.  I have a 
ssh login prompt that is still live, but anytime I try to execute a 
command I get either a Segmentation Fault or if I try to "su" I get an 
Abort trap.  If I try to ssh into it now I get:  
ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host 
The bad thing is that it is still streaming the same songs over and over 
(I hope the RIAA doesn't find out ;-). 
Does anybody have any ideas I could try to stop, kill, or reboot it before 
we can get to it physically? 
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