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I've had great success with configuring an initial tiny partition as '/'
and doing a minimal installation (and I mean *minimal*, as in, there's
nothing else you can remove and still have it boot).  The first step
after booting the new system is then configuring vinum, adding volumes
for /usr, /var, and so on, and moving the (small!) amount of data from
the "physical" filesystem to their vinum counterparts.  Once that's up, I
do a more complete install with /stand/sysinstall.

Are you able to have a mirrored root-device (/) with this approach? Or will you end up with having a single copy of / on one drive?

Out of curiosity, what offsets have you had to calculate?

I've read a bit of a chapter from the 4th edition of The Complete FreeBSD: <http://www.vinumvm.org/cfbsd/vinum.pdf> (or, as text <http://www.vinumvm.org/cfbsd/vinum.txt>).
It suggests to install the swap-partition first on the drive, setup a slice for vinum to cover the entire drive and then run bsdlabel and change the offset and size for the swap and vinum partitions.

Regards / Hilsen
Eivind Olsen
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