Scott Mitchell wrote:

On Sun, Jul 20, 2003 at 10:52:51PM +0300, Alin-Adrian Anton wrote:

Hi guys,

anyone knows if this "*SMC - 2402W" *is supported by FreeBSD? I am going to buy 2 x wireless cards. If any other are better supported or one knows that they work well, please tell me, so I can buy the right one.

Thanks for all,


Hi Alin,

I'm pretty sure the answer is no... The wi(4) driver supports most cards
with common 802.11b chipsets, but this device provides some nonstandard
22Mbps mode with a TI chipset that I doubt is supported in FreeBSD.

The wi(4) manpage contains a reasonable list of supported chipsets and
cards, although some of these are probably hard to find these days.



That is true, I tested and it doesn't. Pretty hard to find the ones listed in hardware compatibility.



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