cdparanoia gets stuck at the point it begins to write the first wav file.
I've rebuilt the the 4-stable branch, including the atapicam device and
the kernel.  This is so close to working it's driving me crazy.  I don't
know what to do next!

Does anyone have any suggestions or can confirm cdparanoia works with 4.8?

Here's a cut/paste from the session.

FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE #0
wotan# cdparanoia -vsB
cdparanoia III release 9.8 (March 23, 2001)
(C) 2001 Monty <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> and Xiphophorus
FreeBSD porting (c) 2003
        Simon 'corecode' Schubert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Report bugs to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Checking /dev/cd0c for cdrom...

CDROM model sensed: PLEXTOR CD-R   PX-W1210A 1.10

Checking for ATAPICAM...
        Drive is ATAPI (using ATAPICAM)

Checking for MMC style command set...
        Drive is MMC style
        Setting default read size to 26 sectors (61152 bytes).

Verifying CDDA command set...
        Expected command set reads OK.

Table of contents (audio tracks only):
track        length               begin        copy pre ch
  1.     7323 [01:37.48]        1 [00:00.01]    no   no  2
  2.     8215 [01:49.40]     7324 [01:37.49]    no   no  2


 27.     8635 [01:55.10]   177812 [39:30.62]    no   no  2
TOTAL  186446 [41:25.71]    (audio only)

Ripping from sector       0 (track  0 [0:00.00])
          to sector  186446 (track 27 [1:55.09])

outputting to track00.cdda.wav

Joe Sotham
praxis makes Perfect.
        - Meister Eckhart
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