"Brad" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've been experiencing permission errors with make
> intermittently. It's happening with quite a few users on the box but
> it's just random. It's never a certain application or a certain
> user/group so it's been very hard to pinpoint what the problem is,
> hence why I'm posting here.
> What is happening is basically a user will untar a file and type
> "make" after a ./configure and get "make: Permission denied". When I
> first encountered this I believe I chmod -R 777 * in the directory
> that the file was untared in and that worked for me, but for some of
> my users who are less experienced with freeBSD won't know how and
> don't know how to resolve this and it shouldn't be happening in the
> first place. Other users say they have gotten the error and simply
> logged out and back in and resolved it.
> Anyone have any ideas what is causing this and how to fix it?

tar(1) stores permissions as well as the files themselves.  By
default, it doesn't seem (according to a quick manual check I just
did) to try to recreate those permissions when it extracts the files;
it uses the umask instead.  So make sure that the users have a
reasonable umask by default.
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