I'd like to confirm my understanding of how ng_one2many works: Using a
setup like, I
think that:

* with an unmanaged switch I'll be able to effectively double the
  outgoing bandwidth on a given server, though my incoming bandwidth
  will remain at 100Mbit
* with a managed switch that supports link aggregation I'll be able to
  effectively double the bandwidth in both directions
* on a hub, of course, there would be no bandwidth increase

i.e., this will be a good way to increase the performance of an NFS file
server to multiple simultaneous clients on an network with unmanaged
switches. The NFS server is currently network I/O limited - the vinum
array runs almost four times as fast as I can serve the files, according
to bonnie++ benchmarking runs.  The NFS traffic is fairly async, being
mostly reads.

Does that sound about right?

- Tillman

"bash awk grep perl sed df du, du-du du-du,
 vi troff su fsck rm * halt LART LART LART!"
        - The Swedish BOFH
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