Greetings to every FreeBSD fan.

Is anybody out there who can help me with this problem ?

I have FreeBSD 4.3 acting as a gateway to I-net and mailserver. In /etc/periodic are 
standard scripts, which send statistics to roots's mail every morning. Dated from 
April 24, 2003, 04:03 AM (standard time, when these scripts are running) there ara 
comming lines as follows:

Checking for passwordless accounts:
[: 0: unexpected operator

The bad one is only the second line (unexpected operator), because till April 19 all 
worked well.

Can you tell me, why it started from April 20, and what goes wrong ? I think, it is an 
error of awk or sed, but I checked their access/modified dates, and they seem to be 
the same as the rest of system. I think the hack is probably not the problem (?!?!?!). 
May be it is some automated actualisation, but I should know about it, don't I ?

Please help if you can.

Peter Rosa
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