I'm trying to configure both a master and slave DNS on the same
machine. My approach is to run the master by setting named_enable="YES"
and it will use the config file in /etc/named. To start the slave I will
In rc.local and it would use the config files in /etc/named/slave. Does
this seems ok? Is there a better way.

This seems to come up every now and then. Before we start, is there any
reason you want to have two seperate named process running, instead of
having one process serving as master to some domains and slave to others?

Like all of my action this is the result of a requirement. I'm required to run two by nametech to register it, They said "they can even be on one box".
In our configuaration, one machine faces the internet and there is a number of computers behind the firewall which use NAT. I would like to run the slave on a internal box but as the addresses are funky due to NAT.


-- Kirk Strauser
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