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Hi again all. Looking to go into the next stage of our move to Linux by implementing an internal authoritative DNS server. I only expect to hold zones for 4 different domains on it for now, so I'm not expecting much from it, but I'm curious how much bandwidth usage to plan for. Right now our ISP does all our DNS, but I'd like to take it in house if possible so we have direct control over it. If all our TTL's are set to 24 hours, what could I expect to see as far as an increase in bandwidth usage by doing this? I'd like to be able to plan how and where I'm going to implement this so as to have the least impact on our network.

a) Why are you posting this to a freebsd list instead of a Linux or BIND list?

b) When you say "internal authoritative", do you mean that it is authoritative for your public domain, answering queries from the Internet about your publicly available hosts, or for your internal private domain, resolving queries from the intranet about all the hosts in your organization?

c) Your bandwidth will depend on how popular your exposed hosts are. It's rarely significant in the grand scheme of things, but that's a pretty broad statement.

d) Why set your TTLs to 24 hours, do you have resolvable hosts that move around that much?


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