How can i make ./configure find my openldap install?

I am trying to install sylpheed claws on freebsd 5.1 ....with ldap support but configure does not seem to find what it needs because when configure is done openldap = no is present.

sylpheed 0.9.3claws

GnuPG         : yes
JPilot        : yes
LDAP          : no
OpenSSL       : yes
iconv         : yes
compface      : no
IPv6          : yes
GNU/aspell    : yes
Crash dialog  : no
Plugins       : dillo-viewer image-viewer(gdk-pixbuf) spamassassin trayicon
Config dir    : .sylpheed

I installed openldap from the ports.

# find / -name openldap

as you can see above its installed. I have tried PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/etc/openldap

but that does not work.

Thanks in advance

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