I'm trying to get a single SATA drive running on my computer (MSI K7N2
Delta ILSR) which uses the Promise PDC20376.  If I don't configure the
drive in an array, FreeBSD 5.1 can access the drive just fine, but
Windoze XP Pro doesn't see it, and neither does any other bootable 
utility.  If I do configure it as a single "striped" drive in an array 
(there is no JBOD option according to MSI support), FreeBSD gets an 
"access error" when trying to do ANYTHING with the drive.  But of 
course, 'doze and everything else sees it just fine.

And I can't seem to boot from the drive no matter what.  Yes, I've
changed the boot devices in the BIOS, trying all "HDD-x" selections.
It'll boot from my SCSI drive (FreeBSD), though. :-)

I'm looking for a controller that will (1) handle a single SATA disk
with no problems or hassles; (2) work with both 'doze and FreeBSD.  It
looks like the Promise FastTrak S150 TX2 is supported by both and the
specs say it does JBOD, so I'm thinking of that one.  However, all I can
find is the TX2 __PLUS__ model, not the "plain" TX2.  Is that a problem
for the FreeBSD [4.8,5.1] driver?

Or, does anyone have any better suggestion on how I can best get an SATA
drive working here?


Dave Madsen ---dcm
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