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> s:
> > That is at least as ignorant and worthless a comment as the original
> > poster who at least was just asking a question...
> I don't follow.
> > ...even if it was coming from ignorance and possibly a limited outlook.
> > Worse, it is abusive and the original poster was not that.
> The person who replied, however, *was* being abusive.  I was clearly
> replying to them, not the original poster.

I am not sure which person is which - the include marks and signatures
are not always clear or relate well.  But, I was responding to the comment 
suggesting inserting a mechanical device inscribed with a circular 
inclined plane.


> > Why don't you grow up?
> I'm at a loss.  Someone implied that Christianity =3D=3D stupidity, and I
> expressed my displeasure at that notion.  Apparently you agree with me.  Do
> you only disagree, then, with my method of expressions?
> > By the way, I wear my T-shirt with the FreeBSD daemon to church
> > occasionally when we are working on something or having meetings.  No one
> > even seems to notice or care.  A few know the origin of the logo, but most
> > do not.
> I'm a new resident in a pretty small town.  I'm sure that anybody who asked
> me about such a shirt would be satisfied with the answer, but more than a
> few tongues would be wagging in the mean time.

Some would be entertained in my area too.

> =2D-=20
> Kirk Strauser

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