At 11:32 AM 7/25/2003, RaphaŽl Marmier wrote:

Le Vendredi, 25 juil 2003, ŗ 17:18 Europe/Zurich, Bob Collins a ťcrit :

At 11:05 AM 7/25/2003, Jerry McAllister wrote:
> At 2003-07-25T14:33:09Z, Charlie Schluting <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I guess "...i'm a christian" speaks for itself.
> On the behalf of Christian FreeBSD users everywhere: screw you.
> Kirk Strauser

That is at least as ignorant and worthless a comment as the original
poster who at least was just asking a question even if it was coming
from ignorance and possibly a limited outlook.  Worse, it is abusive
and the original poster was not that.   Why don't you grow up?

By the way, I wear my T-shirt with the FreeBSD daemon to church
occasionally when we are working on something or having meetings.
No one even seems to notice or care.  A few know the origin of
the logo, but most do not.

What about the first follow-up poster who called the Christian stupid? Funny how tolerance is such a one-way street. -- Bob

And funny how that kind of argument served to start of the bloodiest war of religion in the past. With folks like you guys, we'll sure have others in the future...

Now can we talk about FreeBSD here?


Sure we can. Somebody asked about the mascot/logo and then someone started with an insult rather than answering the question. So a few verbs fly, no holy war here.

Anyway, back on topic.

I am running 5.0 Release and when my power company fails me longer than my battery back up, upon reboot I see the last message prior to the login states there is an ELF error regarding a truncated elf file. I had not seen this prior to adding the Linux base. I don't really require the Linux support, so if I remove Linux base, will that perhaps clear it up? I hope this is enough info to make sense, if not I'll have to get the message later tonight as I am asking about a home machine.

-- Bob

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