> I have spent a lot of time on FreeBSD.org web pages, but I still can not
> find
> VERY SIMPLE answer for this question:
> what version of FreeBSD should I use ?
> I need system which is VERY STABLE, with as few possibilities to hack as
> possible
> (the best is absolutely closed :-) ), running only named, sendmail, samba,
> apache, php,
> perl, and firewall. It will be used also as a gateway to I-net for small
> company, so it
> MUST be SAFE, STABLE and nice. That is what I want.
> On the other side, it is possible to download FreeBSDs from 4.7 to 5.1.

Use FreeBSD 4.8. There are several pages on freebsd.org that say use 4.x
for stability, 5.x for trying out new tech. Also, I'd not use named or
sendmail. There are programs out there that are (in my opinion) better.
djbdns is a lot more secure than named, and postfix is a lot more secure
and a lot faster than sendmail... not to mention much easier to configure.

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