Thanks for quick response.
I have thought so, but I want to be sure. There is also 4.7. Do you think
better to use 4.8 ?

Peter Rosa

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> > I have spent a lot of time on web pages, but I still can not
> > find
> > VERY SIMPLE answer for this question:
> > what version of FreeBSD should I use ?
> >
> > I need system which is VERY STABLE, with as few possibilities to hack as
> > possible
> > (the best is absolutely closed :-) ), running only named, sendmail,
> > apache, php,
> > perl, and firewall. It will be used also as a gateway to I-net for small
> > company, so it
> > MUST be SAFE, STABLE and nice. That is what I want.
> > On the other side, it is possible to download FreeBSDs from 4.7 to 5.1.
> Use FreeBSD 4.8. There are several pages on that say use 4.x
> for stability, 5.x for trying out new tech. Also, I'd not use named or
> sendmail. There are programs out there that are (in my opinion) better.
> djbdns is a lot more secure than named, and postfix is a lot more secure
> and a lot faster than sendmail... not to mention much easier to configure.
> Ken

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