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> Subject: Announce Broken Ports
> As seen in several messages to this and other lists, the PORTS
> mecanism has been broken.

I'm not sure what you mean.  I am running 4-stable, and ports
are building just fine.  What's broken?
> I have read about some patches and possible solutions, but I
> could not find an easy way to overcome the problem.
> Shouldn't it be announced clearly, on the FreeBSD site, that
> there is a problem with PORTS, perhaps pointing to some
> temporary solution, until the problem is solved?

I don't read every freebsd- list, but I haven't seen any mention of
this, or witnessed any evidence of a problem.  If you are having
trouble with the ports collection, you could try removing and 
cvsupping a fresh tree.
> I have used FreeBSD for a decade, and it is the first time
> that I have to change the OS version due to problems broght
> from the distributions.

What version were/are you using?  Why would you change the
OS version because of a ports problem?  I'm not clear, here.
> Thanks to anyone which could look into this,

Again, I can only speak from my own experience, and on my
machines, running 4.7 - 4-stable, ports build just fine.  The
problem may lie elsewhere.


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