> > Well, but what about djbdns ?
> Decent program, but the license is awful.

yeah, the licence is wierd.
> > Is it fully compatible with BIND ?
> No, it is not.  The configuration is not even remotely close, and the author
> refuses to support parts of the RFC that he feels to be problematic.

It talks to BIND DNS servers, and I'm not sure about the RFC parts he
doesn't support, but I've yet to have a problem.
> > I think it is, as you use it :-)
> Lots of people do.  Not as many as use BIND, but still a few.
> > I have never heard about it.
> You're OK without it.

It is much more lightweight than bind, and faster, so if those are
concerns, go for it, if not, use BIND.

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