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Subject: Re: Writing to parallel port

> On Friday 25 July 2003 19:22, Mark wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Has anyone an idea how to set/unset a bit on a parallel port in
> > freebsd 4.7? I installed Device::ParallelPort from CPAN
> > (Perl 5.8.0), but that does nothing (seems made for linux).
> >
> > Or if someone could point me to a little c-source, that would be
> > helpful too; all I need is to toggle a bit to switch a relay.

> Have a look at this piece of code if wrote :
> http://vitsch.net/cgi-bin/gpl/cat.cgi/lampd/v1.0?lampd.c
> It's a very small udp network daemon to control my roomlights over the
> LAN.
> Basically you need to open /dev/io to get io read/write permission,
> after that you are free to bang all IO-ports you want.

Thank you! :) Opening /dev/io did the trick.

- Mark

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