On Fri, Jul 25, 2003 at 10:10:24PM +0200, Peter Rosa wrote:
> Yes, in /var/backups was 2 old copies of master.passwd. One from Feb 9,
> second from Feb 24 (the last time I changed something). I tried both, but
> problem persists.

Rats!  :-(

> Thank you, but have you still any idea?

No, I'm done now.  Sorry.  If it were a problem with awk, sed, tee or wc,
you would expect to see errors generated by any script that uses them, so it
seems not to be related to that.

Now might be a good time to backup all your data, and upgrade to 4.8, as was
discussed in your previous thread.  Not a solution, as such, but at least
you'll end up with a nice shiny new install to look after!

Good luck,


Daniel Bye

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