[EMAIL PROTECTED] (pat bey) writes:

> FreeBSD 4.8 Release  hijra.homeunix.com
> Checking all the postfix conf files and everything seems to be in
> the right place.  Thou this is my first time setting up a mail
> server so it's a learning experience for me.  There are no errors in
> any of the log files anywhere. Telneting to port 143 and 25
> everything is working fine.

Postfix only listens on port 25 (as does every mail server).  Port 143
is for the imap server.

> So I figured it must be a problem with my router I think.  Checking
> maillog shows that mail is being queued coming in and I can send
> with no problem.

Show us the log files.  If mail comes in ok, and mail goes out ok then
I'm not sure what problem you have. [Where's it being queued?]

> Hope this is enough information. Always thanks for your time and
> consideration :)

Show the output of postconf -n (non default configuration items) and
tell us which version of Postfix you are using.

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