On Wednesday, 23 July 2003 at 14:11:31 -0500, Kirk Strauser wrote:
> At 2003-07-23T18:21:42Z, Eivind Olsen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>> Out of curiosity, what offsets have you had to calculate?
>> I've read a bit of a chapter from the 4th edition of The Complete FreeBSD:
>> <http://www.vinumvm.org/cfbsd/vinum.pdf> (or, as text
>> <http://www.vinumvm.org/cfbsd/vinum.txt>).  It suggests to install the
>> swap-partition first on the drive, setup a slice for vinum to cover the
>> entire drive and then run bsdlabel and change the offset and size for the
>> swap and vinum partitions.
> Weird.  I've never bothered with any of that.  I always just call "create"
> with:
>   sd length 0 drive myDrive1
> and let vinum calculate the correct sizes.

Then you're missing the point.  "length 0" just gives you the rest of
the volume.  Here you need to find the data which is already on disk.

There was an error in the first cut of this document.  Under some
circumstances it could lead to overwriting the bootstrap, thus making
the disk unbootable.  For further reference: the space required at the
beginning of the disk is 281 sectors, not 265 as originally
documented.  See the document for more details.

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