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Olaf Hoyer wrote:

I also use a 4.8 box as DSL Router via PPPoE, and there is a sendmail on
it. Ok, I'd have to check whether he can relay directly, and what IP in
the HELO appears, but the box itself can identify its IP without probs.
I'm also using the tunnel interface to connect...

But I'd recommend using a smarthost. Is better and cleaner.


I have a cable modem with nat, so the FreeBSD box itself does not has
any routable ip-address (the ip, that is connects the box to the
internet is What can I do in this case?

And actually, I started up my own SMTP-server, because the one that was
provided by my ISP was in some spam-blocking programmes, so I was unable
to send some messages through it. So, as I understood, smarthost will
not work for me.


Well, ok, you get a private IP.
Ok, AOL users get this too, for surfing only its ok, but for anything
else its debateable.

The question is, why was the mailserver of your ISP rejected?
Was it on any blacklists, and why?

When the Mailserver of an ISP is for a longer period, or repeatedly, on
some rbl lists, this is a sign of very poor service.
In that case, I'd change my provider...

Ok, you should in those cases register with a freemail-service, or any
other independent mail-provider, which gives you the possibility to:

a) Identify yourself with SMTP-Auth with his server
b) and send mails with any from: address

In the FreeBSD-handbook there is a chapter for using sendmail with SMTP-Auth as a client, shall work then.


Okay, that seems to be too complicated to do, and my idea is not to use any third-party smtp-servers...

The provider is Earthlink DSL, and the problem I was having, is that some mail-servers in Russia do not want to accept any mail from one of the Earthlinks' smtp-servers (

The IP-address of my modem (the address of the FreeBSD box visible to the internet) stays constant usually within a week or so, so I believe there should be some more neat solutions for the problem...


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