On Fri, 25 Jul 2003, Constantine wrote:

> >Ok, you should in those cases register with a freemail-service, or any
> >other independent mail-provider, which gives you the possibility to:
> >
> >a) Identify yourself with SMTP-Auth with his server
> >b) and send mails with any from: address
> >
> >
> >In the FreeBSD-handbook there is a chapter for using sendmail with
> >SMTP-Auth as a client, shall work then.
> >
> >Olaf
> >
> Okay, that seems to be too complicated to do, and my idea is not to use
> any third-party smtp-servers...
> The provider is Earthlink DSL, and the problem I was having, is that
> some mail-servers in Russia do not want to accept any mail from one of
> the Earthlinks' smtp-servers (
> The IP-address of my modem (the address of the FreeBSD box visible to
> the internet) stays constant usually within a week or so, so I believe
> there should be some more neat solutions for the problem...


Well, the IP is not in rbl Lists, as I checked it
quickly, so there must be another problem.

Do you have a copy of those messages, resp. the mailerdeamon?

When its a private IP, then it is regardless of being several minutes or
a week, because the remote system only sees the public IP of the


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