In the last episode (Jul 26), Leonardo Lazarte said:
>    Unfortunately you have found a problem which those in the know
> prefer to ignore.
>    The ports system has been broken with the last upgrade, and many
> of us which have found the same problem could not find a solution.

Hm?  I've seen lots of responses explaining the problem and multiple
solutions (upgrade system to 4.7 or later, upgrade pkg_* tools).  You
are running an old version of FreeBSD which the ports tree no longer
supports (although someone mentioned they were looking at a workaround,
I think).
>    It has been suggested by some that you could copy pkg_info from
> some newer version.  Other person suggested re-building pkg_install
> (in fact, it was incorrectly suggested to build pkg_info), after
> cvsuping src.

Building and installing in /usr/src/pkg_install installs pkg_add,
pkg_check, pkg_create, pkg_delete, pkg_info, pkg_sign, and pkg_version. 
>    I tried both, with no luck.

You sure?  Are you failing with this error:

 ===>  Checking if portd/portname already installed
 *** Error code 1

This is almost certainly caused by an old pkg_info command that does
not understand -O.  To disprove me:

cd /usr/ports/devel/portlint 
ktrace -di make install
kdump | tail -60

and let us see those 60 lines, plus the output of "pkg_info -O" and
"ident /usr/sbin/pkg_info | grep info"

        Dan Nelson
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