my name is mike and i was wondering if you could possibly help me for
just a minute.
i have come to a dead end with getting my nic card to work in freebsd
it seems that with the nic i have i need fxp
this is my nic card info from windows.

Name    [00000008] Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection
Adapter Type    Ethernet 802.3
Product Type    Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection
Installed       Yes
PNP Device ID  
Last Reset      7/26/2003 7:01 AM
Index   8
Service Name    E100B
IP Address
IP Subnet
Default IP Gateway
DHCP Enabled    Yes
DHCP Server
DHCP Lease Expires      7/26/2003 7:01 PM
DHCP Lease Obtained     7/26/2003 7:01 AM
MAC Address     00:07:E9:6D:04:AE
Memory Address  0xFCFFF000-0xFCFFFFFF
I/O Port        0x0000DF40-0x0000DF7F
IRQ Channel     IRQ 20

and well i have added fxp to my kernel and rebuilt it.
device   fxp
but it doesnt see it. and when i do ifconfig fxp
it says no such device. i looked in src/pci for if_fxp.c and
if_fxpreg.h and if_fxpvar.h and nothing listed in there. i am in a
way new to freebsd well since 4.0. i would ever so grateful if you
could help me get my nic up and running. buying a dell with this
intergrated nic card has been a nightmare but there is nothing i can
do its on the board. and i love freebsd. if possible just the correct
steps to get it to see the card and have the driver installed. so i
can get online.
thank you for the time in reading this. it means the world to me.
michael quandt

phone 507 529-9164

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