Actually there is one other source I found:

Good arcticle, but a little old so I'm guessing it's not appropriate for Rel
5.1 since vinum setup / support in 5.1 has been improved. Is this a bad

Again, I'm just trying to figure which method is best to setup a mirrored
root drive for FreeBSD 5.1.

Thanks again,
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Subject: FreeBSD5.1 Vinum Mirror root

Read everything I can find on vinum: vinum website, freebsd documentation on
vinum, and "Complete FreeBSD" section on vinum. Still not sure which method
is correct for setting up a mirrored root drive for a FreeBSD 5.1 system.

The instructions I've found online regarding a vinum root drive,,
does not mention any need to first install freebsd on a normal drive and
then convert that root drive to a vinum drive.

The instructions from the "The Complete FreeBSD" by Greg Lehey on installing
FreeBSD5.1 on Vinum specifies to 1st do this freebsd install then convert to
vinum. One thing this book mentions is to create the swap directory 1st so
the vinum configuration will be stored in the 1st 265 sectors of the "swap"

Is this second method outdate, or is there simply several ways to accomplish
this task. I'm new to FreeBSD, so setting up vinum seems a little
overwhelming. Just trying to mirror a 200GB root drive with another 200GB

Would really appreciate any advice on this matter.


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