To preface this, I'm not OS retarded - just BSD retarded ;)  I haven't had to mess 
with my current BSD server since I bought it, and now I have purchased a new p4 
3.0(something), 2 gig ram, 2 IDE 200gig HD's to replace it..

Here is my question:

How do I setup these multiple drives?  What does the "industry" recommend when it 
comes to setting them up?  Should I set BSD up to think its one datasource (so 400gig) 
and then run from that? Or do I setup 1 drive to hold my web/mail/mysql, and the other 
to do something elsE?

I'm totally lost, so any help would be greatly appericated.. PLEASE don't assume I 
know what your talking about, because it's a given that I dont! heh :)

Many thanks and best regards,

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