On Mon, Jul 28, 2003 at 07:51:24PM +0800, #I NYOMAN SUKA ADA# wrote:
> Hi,
> I had looked for information about my problem,
> but I couldn't find similar.
> I have two pcs, one with Win XP has 2 network cards.
> The other PC with FreeBSD with one network card only.
> I want to keep my main Internet connection with XP.
> I want to connect the extra network card to FreeBSD, 
> so I can access all the server services at FreeBSD from XP. 
> The FreeBSD doesn't need to be connected to Internet.
> I read about NATD, but in that case it seems that the FreeBSD will be 
> the main PC to be connected to the Internet. This is not what I want.
> any suggestion and pointers are much appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Guido
> - pls cc me because im not subscribed to this list

If all you need is for the FreeBSD and WinXP machines to be able to talk
to each other,  it should be enough to assign suitable IP addresses to
the FreeBSD machine and the second interface on the XP box (
and, for example).  Remember that you'll need a crossover
cable between them if you're not using a switch/hub.

If you also want the FreeBSD machine to be able to access the Internet
through the XP machine, you'll need to enable 'Internet Connection
Sharing' on the XP box.  See Microsoft's documentation or search in the
Windows newsgroups for details on how to do that...



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