That is a good idea, thanks. We did check that though. Went through
each user's accounts checking their .forwards and procmaillrc files.

    We are running spamassassin 2.55, and in the global procmailrc file we
call spamc which connects to a spamd running on another machine.

    Are you aware of any other system utilities that might be used to
trace CPU consumption and trap problems? We've taken a lot of stabs in the
dark with what it could be, and we'd like to try some solid diagnostic
utils to shed more light.

   - Jamie

On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, Rus Foster wrote:

> >    We've got a server that occassionally becomes temporarily useless
> > because the load average shoots up to around 150.0 or so, and then slowly
> > winds down over a 2 minute period. I cannot seem to find the process which
> > is putting so much load on the machine. I've tried running top with the q
> > switch, as well as the "I" switch, and when top opens, I can't see
> > anything consuming large amounts of CPU power or consuming much memory,
> > but the load average will be incredibly high. There isn't anything unusual
> > in /var/log/messages to indicate anything which might be causing the load
> > average to go shooting through the ceiling.
> Are you running any sort of spam filtering? Could a use put something in
> their ~/.forward?
> Rus
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