dear list,

buying two PIII for a dual system ... what do i have to pay attention to
(besides the requirements of the M/B)?
aka ... are all PIII SMP capable?


Make sure the stepping is identical.

Some motherboards require Tualatin's to be able to run dual, others will happily run even Celeron CPU's in smp.
I personally run a Dell Poweredge 1500SC motherboard with two Tualatin 1.13GHz PIII's, and Ive had no problems at all with it. I also run a MSI 649D-Pro motherboard with two PIII 1Ghz (not Tualatin) which also works great, but performance wise it's no match for the dual Tualatin.

I would say Tualatin's are youre best bet, they are a little expensive but they work great in dual systems, thats what they are designed for. Just make sure your motherboard can handle Tualatins.


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