On 29 Jul Antoine Jacoutot wrote:
> On Tuesday 29 July 2003 14:03, Franz Stieber wrote:
> I have a GeForce TI 4200 and TV out works great :)
> > I found the program nvtv for the nvidia cards, but it is not
> > possible to compile it under FreeBSD. Does it run with the
> > linux-emulation under FreeBSD?
> I'm using it under FreeBSD-4.8 with Linux emulation with no problem
> (and this is a very nice piece of software).

Nice information, which makes me wonder..

I'd always waned to know if it is simply possible to just run (linux)
programs under linux emulation. If so, HOW do you install those linux
proggies? Do I do some kind of chroot and install them in the "linux
part" of the system?

I want to experiment with some linux stuff under freeBSD. Is this
possible. And you need (linux) binaries I presume.. No tarballs?

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