On Monday 28 July 2003 21:27, Duane Stark wrote:
> Quick question:
> I am replacing a server with a new one.  Freebsd versions are
> different (old 4.6 STABLE, new 4.8) and qmail / vpopmail versions are
> most likely different (havent updated qmail since I built the server
> over a year ago.
> Is there any easy way to do this? Does anyone have the location of a
> website with good instructions?  I've googled myself to death! :)
> Many thanks,
> Duane

If you use rsync - below is something that has happend with the result 
of delaying some emails for about 2 hours:

"We were in the process of changing the server over to a RAID 5 array, 
which required that we mirror all of the files over to the new hard 
drives.  To do this, we used rsync, which tends to handle files very 
well doing large moves like this.  There was one file required by Qmail 
that was a named-pipe file.  I've personally never seen one before, and 
apparently rsync didn't know how to deal with it so it simply didn't 
mirror it over.  These named-pipe files apparently allow two separate 
processes to communicate with each other (usually only processes under 
the same parent can communicate), and since Qmail has separate 
processes running for the different jobs it does, it would now have to 
wait for one process to finish so it could deliver a burst of email."
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