It is directly behind the router, but does not have a viable routable IP
on it.  Only the private IP on the internal card.  


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> Hello!
> Help!! I'm running a PC with dual NICs and FreeBSD 4.8 as a bridged
> firewall. I've got a private IP tied to the internal card on
> the
> box for remote management. The firewall blocks any 10.x traffic coming
> in on
> the external card, so to remotely admin it, I have to shell into a
> machine
> on the same isolated network segment that it's on, and then shell over
> from
> that machine.
> Today around noon, the machine suddenly stopped responding to pings. I
> went
> down to the server room and couldn't find anything wrong.   No notes
> the
> console screen, no anomalous entries in the security or message logs.
> So, in
> the interest of getting it back up quickly, I rebooted it. That
> About an hour later, the same thing happened... my network monitor
> me
> that it's not responding to pings. So before I go down to the server
> room, I
> run a few tests... the firewall is still blocking packets like a
> I
> run nmap against a host the firewall protects, and everything comes
> fine.  But when I go downstairs to the console, I can't ping out to
> buddy, and no incoming pings work either.  I'm at a loss on
> to
> troubleshoot this, folks.  I could really use a few ideas, so please
> send
> them along!
> Thanks in Advance!
> Bill

Is this server directly behind your router and does it have a valid
routeable ip on it also?


Micheal Patterson
Network Administration
Cancer Care Network

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