On Wed, 30 Jul 2003 03:12 pm, B.Bonev wrote:
> OK. But 192.168.1 can't connect to shared resorces on 192.168.2?
> Any suggestion?

I am no expert, but I can think of a few things:
  - both machines have the proper gateway ip set (as just mentioned in email)
  - the freebsd box rc.conf not setup properl
            - should be setup to be defaultrouter=YES and gateway=YES
              or something like that
  - the windows machines with the resources might not allow
    connections from machines on other subnets (there is a security setting 
    which blocks connections from 'the internet')

You should try pinging from one subnet to the other to make sure it works!
Lastly, if pinging does work:

Do you have samba on the freebsd machine, if you are sharing printers/hard 
disks, I am fairly sure you need the gateway machine to have samba running, 
because you need to setup samba on the gateway to collect a 'list' of all the 
resources on both networks, so that the machines on both side know where your 
resources are.  This is because windows detects shared resources using a 
network broadcast, that is it sends a message to x.y.z.* to work out what 
mahines have shared resources.

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