Peter Leftwich <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi all.  I'm searching and searching the (X11 / GUI) ports at
> and but I was wondering if some of you
> could help me with a better, targeted keyword that describes this kind of
> tool or application?
> All I'd like is a graphical tool that prompts the user for a URL then
> proceeds to mirror that URL to the working directory or to a "base"
> directory specified in its preferences.  It would also be nice to filter by
> URL's ending in ___ for example, .jpg, .jpeg, .mp3, and so forth.
> I used a command line tool called "httrack" for many months until I found
> that upon each successive run of the program, it deletes the results of the
> last run!  Stupid!
> Thanks for any ideas you all may have.

The GUI requirement is the tough part here.  There are dozens of
command-line programs that can do roughly what you want (all with
slightly different capabilities, naturally), but a graphical tool
doesn't typically make sense for this purpose.  That's because it's
an automated function by nature.

Last time I needed something like this (years ago now) I did it with
lynx, but one of the other options in ports might serve your wishes
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