I am currently helping a fellow user, Rommel B. Ikeda [EMAIL PROTECTED]  He 
is have problems getting is computer to connect to the internet through a 
Window 2000 proxy server.  I only have experience with NAT.  I do not expect 
someone to solve our problem just point me to the correct documents (feel 
free to solve the problem if you like).

I have all three FreeBSD books I own sitting on my and the handbook open in 
the next window and I am not finding a clear explanation or solution.  Is the 
setup of a client on a proxy server the same as the setup on a NAT 
(transparent proxy), where  set the default route to the gateway, give it an 
IP, set the DNS, and it is good to go. Or is there more complex routing 
involved? He also has his ports remaped, ftp is moved somewhere in the 1000. 
The server should handle the port remaping? ( I will clean toilets but I 
don't do Windows.)

The email address that is subscribe to the list is down, please forward the 
message to this address.

Thank you

P.S. I have posted the details of the problem just in case anyone else wants 
to help out (It started as a simple port install problem).

Rommel Ikeda is unable to communicate with the internet. I have had him do 
some ping test (start with the server he need to install the port)

        $ ping ftp.jp.freebsd.org
        ping: cannot resolve ftp.jp.freebsd.org: Host name lookup failure
        $ ping www.oisca.org
        ping: cannot resolve www.oisca.org: Host name lookup failure
He is able to browse the web with Mozilla so my guess is he has that set up to 
use the proxy.

Simple DNS problem check the /etc/resolv.conf well not that simple then he 
ping the IP address:
        $ ping
         PING ( 56 data bytes
         ping: sendto: No route to host
Routing problem too. so this leads us to the question: do we need do anything 
special to set up the routing table for a client behind a proxy server?

In the today's email I ask Rommel to send me the results of the route -r to 
see if the gateway is setup. The desktop is setup to use DHCP addressing and 
for some reason it did not setup a /etc/resolv.conf file so that will need to 
be created.

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