On Thursday 31 July 2003 0:16, someone, possibly Barney Wolff, typed:
> On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 11:16:37PM +0200, Willie Viljoen wrote:
> > When connected to their ISP, SAIX, the machine can ping any live
> > internet IP and it can traceroute to anywhere, but, it can not talk to
> > any DNS server. Any traffic to port 53 UDP simply seems to dissapear.
> Sheer guess, but perhaps the PPP negotiation is giving them something
> weird (eg, as the nameserver address.  Have a look at
> /etc/resolv.conf while they're connected and at the ppp log.
> Have you tried dig @server.ip some.host?
> Any internal firewall in place?  What do its logs/stats show?

Yes, from the other ISPs, dig @their.servers and dig @my.own.servers works 
fine. On SAIX, dig @anybody.server only gives me a timeout.

The box uses ipfw in a stateful setup, but even with that comletely out of 
the way, there's no difference.

/etc/resolv.conf is static, but the address in there is correct.

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