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On Wednesday, 30 July 2003 at 14:11:28 -0700, Richard Johannesson wrote:
> On  Wednesday, July 30, 2003 1:52 PM, Richard Johannesson wrote:
>> Question:
>> Is it important that the sequence plexes/sub-disks get created in
>> for the primary drive and the mirrored drive be the same? Any
>> performance penalty?

I assume you're asking whether each drive needs the same content.  No,
that would be ridiculously restrictive.

>> I'm guessing that a different sub-disk creation order will put the
>> sub- disks in different places on a disk.

You don't need to guess: it's described in the man page.

>> Background - if needed: Have 10 vinum volumes being mapped by 10
>> plexes to the root drive.
>> To get mirroring, I created plexes/sub-disks for swap, root, and
>> usr using the specific offsets for each on the 2nd hdd device and
>> map them back to their specific volumes they should be mirroring.
>> When I start creating the other plexes/sub-disks on the 2nd hdd and
>> map them back to the volume already setup, I won't be using
>> specific offsets.
> It seems dumpconfig provides absolute settings of the
> subdisks. Might as well use those offsets just in case it matters.

I'm not sure what you mean here.  dumpconfig is for dumping
configuration information.  "list" gives information about objects.

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