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> How do I set up mail in FreeBSD that it uses an external mail-server? In my
> case I need to send the messages that will send my cron and some apps. But
> our Systemadministrator will does not allow me to use the FreeBSD with sendmail
> as server, he says that I have to use our M$ Exchange as mail server.

If you want to get FreeBSD to forward your email to the MS-Exchange
server, you have to:

    1. make sure sendmail is running. (ie remove sendmail_* lines from
    2. # cd /etc/mail
    3. # cp freebsd.mc `hostname`.mc
    4. edit `hostname`.mc and uncomment the following line:

            define(`SMART_HOST', `your.isp.mail.server')

    5. replace `your.isp.mail.server' with your Exchange server.
    6. # make
    7. # make install
    8. # sh /etc/rc.sendmail restart

This will configure sendmail to send all non-local mail to the
Exchange Server for further processing (eg: to send email to the 'Net).

If you want to suck your email from the Exchange server, you'll have
to install something like ports/mail/fetchmail.

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